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Beach Cocktail Specials


Asahi Pair Promo
For a limited period, enjoy these specially-concocted Beach Cocktails at only $12++ each.
  • Beach Punch 🌊 – A tropical blend of Havana rum, mango juice, zesty lime and sweet apple syrup, delivering a refreshing sip of paradise. 
  • Mapple 🍏  – Tantalising fusion of Havana rum, Chuga Apple soju, invigorating peppermint, zesty lime and crisp apple juice. 
  • PB&J Soiree 🥜 – Designed to evoke the same sweet, tart and nutty aroma of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, this ice-blended beauty is fashioned using Chuga grape soju, Havana Rum, Bailey’s Irish Cream, hazelnut syrup and wildberry syrup.

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